Twisted Shackle

Bridco Twisted Shackle is available in 3 sizes (see table below) and is designed with a 90 degree twist at the top of the D so it is at right angles to the pin. Twisted shackles are very useful and can be used to fix two objects which are at right angles to each other. Twisted shackles have a structural advantage compared to standard D shackles. They are secured by hand tensioning the pin. The Twisted Shackle is stainless steel and is often used in the marine industry as well as the mining, oil & gas and construction sectors.

Twisted Shackle
Twisted Shackle diagram

Specifications - Twisted Shackle

  • Material: AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • Production: Forged where F present in code, Cast otherwise
  • Surface Finish: Electro Polish
  • TDL: Tested Deformation Load
Code A B D L1 L2 TDL (KG)
SS-380-06 5.1 13.4 11 33 46.5 TBA
SS-380-08 7.7 17.4 15.4 40 59.5 1120
SS-380-10 10 20 19.7 46.8 70 1600