Clew Snap Shackle

Bridco Clew Snap Shackle is available in 2 sizes (see table below) and is designed to be closed easily by hand and then released by pulling the ring away from the shackle body. The Clew Snap Shackle is stainless steel and is usually used by sailors for attaching non-twisting sheet lines with a quick close and easy release fitting.

Clew Snap Shackle
Clew Snap Shackle diagram

Specifications - Clew Snap Shackle

  • Material: AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • Production: Forged where F present in code, Cast otherwise
  • Surface Finish: Electro Polish
  • TDL: Tested Deformation Load
Code A B L TDL (KG)
SS-2464-01 12 15 52 1600
SS-2464-02 15 18 65 1200